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sprinklers in action after a La Jolla sprinkler repair serviceWith Spring on its way, now is the time for homeowners and business's to start thinking about  getting their  landscape ready with a pre-emergent fertilizer, which is commonly called a weed-and-feed fertilizer. Different types of grass will require specific types of fertilizer. There are many, however, that will treat a variety of grasses. Weeds are not the only burden to deal when trying to achieve that picture perfect yard. Many people dread the hassle and hard work that is necessary for proper lawn and property maintenance. Proper watering or irrigation is one of the most important factors in achieving a beautiful landscape.

We Cover Drip Line Irrigation in La Jolla CA

drip irrigation system in LA Jolla California works to revive plantIn addition to saving your lawn a La Jolla Sprinkler Repair expert can help you save the Earth by installing a drip irrigation system. An irrigation system can save water, improve plant appearance, and reduce non-point source pollution. A drip irrigation system will apply water uniformly, at a rate that the soil can absorb, and the proper amount to meet the water needs of the landscape areas. Runoff can occur when an improperly functioning system applies water faster than the soil can absorb it. This runoff many times carries fertilizer, such as nitrogen, as well as pesticides into the streets and storm drains. Some environmentalists worry that the toxins will eventually be carried into the groundwater. An irrigation system will ensure that no portion of the landscape is over or under-watered. 

We Cover So Much More than Sprinkler Repair in La Jolla

Irrigation contractor installs a backflow prevention deviceA home owner can spend thousands of dollars on landscaping, grass and fertilizers every year without achieving the results they desire.  If this sounds all too familiar La Jolla Sprinkler Repair can alleviate all your stress while transforming your lawn into a picture perfect landscape. We provide an abundant array of  services to our customers, such as fertilizing, landscape lighting, installing a sprinkler system and fine tuning it to name a few.  

It is important for the home owner to note that achieving the picture perfect lawn will still take time, once the decision has been made to hire a La Jolla Landscaping professional. The first improvement should be noticeable within a few weeks. Proper fertilizing will make the grass a rich and healthy green color. Our service area includes the  92037, 92038, 92039, 92092, and 92093. Call our expert sprinkler repair team today for all of your sprinkler repair needs.

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If you are looking for a La Jolla plumber, these are the guys for you. They offer great service and fair pricing. Visit them for all of your plumbing needs.

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